The path to chocolate is covered in… more chocolate?

It’s not been easy. We didn’t wake up one morning, decided to open a business and, voilá, it was done. It’s taken its own swell time.

First, we had a beautiful concept, very clean and modern. This was four years ago, when we both still lived in Caracas, Venezuela. Back then, our bonbons were called “Latitud 10”, making a playful reference to the fact that the cacao bean is a tropical harvest and Venezuela is in the perfect spot on earth for it to grow. It was a way of engaging our clients in some small talk, perhaps learning something, and definitely remembering us afterwards. We developed lovely recipes, including my two sisters’ classic crunchy honeycomb – a home run confection, if there ever was one.

We were on our way. We were working with some of the best chocolate available in the market worldwide, Chocolate El Rey, we had a small workshop, some help and lots of enthusiasm. But it has been a while since things in Caracas worked out as smoothly as a just tempered batch of carenero superior. After a major security scare, my older sister had to pack up her troops and leave for Miami. I kept the business afloat, doing mostly events like weddings and christenings, and going to pop-up gourmet markets.

Then, about two years later, it was time to make my own move. Susana had already started to develop a new concept, something more suitable to her new area. She came up with the idea of chocolate as an art form, every single bonbon a handcrafted tiny piece of edible art. She called it Cacao Art. When I arrived, I took over the day to day business and she remained as founder and inspiration.

I am now in the very unglamorous part of getting health permits, looking into renting a commercial kitchen, wrangling with legal issues and, just plain getting ready to start selling chocolates to the public at large.

So, if you are near Miami (or even just have an internet connection, really), be ready to start tasting and loving our gorgeous bonbons very soon.

Cacao Art’s ultimate goal is to open an itty bitty chocolaterie, full of all the good stuff we make and the good vibrations we want to put out there. But that is another blogpost altogether.


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