Monthly Archives: October 2012

It’s crunch-y time, people

All chocolatiers have a signature bonbon, that one confection that makes them stand out. For Chuao Chocolatier it is the Firecracker (an unusual dark chocolate bar with popping candy and chipotle chilies), while Pierre Marcolini has made his red chocolate hearts famous worldwide. We at Cacao Art like to think of our crunchy honeycomb caramel dipped in chocolate as our speciality. We simply call it the crunchie and it is one of our best-selling bonbons.

The Cacao Art crunchie has a very special story. It was inspired by the Cadbury’s version, a rare and special treat for Susana when she was a little girl. With its distinct gold packaging, promising sweet goodness inside, this candy bar was not, and still isn’t, available in Caracas. It was sold in Margarita Island and Aruba, both places associated with sunny holidays away from home. So, one fateful Christmas some twelve years ago, Susana took this childhood memory and tried to recreate it.

She and littlest sister Constanza wanted to make a special treat to hand out as Christmas presents. They pored over many cookbooks, going from one idea to the next. They finally stumbled on a honeycomb recipe in an old Williams Sonoma book. Both were excited to try it out. After a few trial and errors, as with such recipes, they finally came up with a great one: a delicious, crumbly honeycomb that was sweet but not overpoweringly so. Susana decided to use a darker (and better quality) chocolate to dip each little square and the crunchie was a done deal.

It was a favorite from the start and we hope it remains that way for a long time.


Allow me a little political commentary…

Some things are hard to understand. This is not a political blog, but I cannot help mentioning the recent elections in Venezuela. We went there for the weekend, to vote, full of hope. Our candidate this time around had a great campaign and our spirits were buoyed for the first time in a real long time. However, it was not meant to be. Hugo Chavez is now too-too: too rich, too powerful, too monstrous. He has entrenched himself in the Presidency, a fact that is difficult to accept. Today we are upset, but we will rally and keep going. At Cacao Art we will continue to celebrate our Venezuelan heritage, flavors and, of course, chocolate. We remain Venezuelan, always.