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Of sparkling wines and a little Valentine

This Valentine’s Day, Cacao Art tried something a little different: a wine and chocolate pairing.

Sometime ago, we approached the lovely people from Vinos in the Grove to see if they would be interested in our chocolates. They got back to us with the idea of hosting a sparkling wines and chocolates pairing at the bar on Valentine’s Day. Although we don’t know that much about wine, but we loved the idea and were quick to say yes.

First came the best part: trying out the different wines and seeing which of our bonbons fit best. On the table were a Marcel Martin Cremant de Loire, a French sparkling wine similar to champagne, a Cantina Proseco from North-East Italy and a Donelli Lambrusco, which is a sparkling red also from Italy. The chosen chocolates: our fleur de sel, passion fruit and palet d’or bonbons for their rich and complex flavors. We also snuck in our crunchie honeycomb, for its great texture and burnt caramel undertones (yes, undertones… I’m getting the hang of this).

After tasting this and that, taking notes and loving or hating each combination, we were ready (maybe it took a little bit longer than it should have, but we just had to have that last little sip to make sure). The crunchie and passion fruit were paired with the Proseco, the Cremant with the palet d’or and the fleur de sel with the very special Lambrusco. It was the first time we ever tried a sparkling red wine and it was our favorite.

With her usual flair, Susa designed a great flyer announcing the event

A great flyer announcing the event

The event itself was laid back and fun. People would come up to the table where the wines and chocolates were set out and either Amelie from Vinos or myself would hand out the wine and point out which chocolate to have each time. It was great to talk about the chocolates and see the reactions when someone took a bite. We were happy to have friends and family come. Little sister got carded, of course, as did her boyfriend, who is a certified doctor, but manages to look like a 15 year-old with shaggy hair. She bought a bottle of the Lambrusco and I’m looking forward to that invitation *hint, hint*. All in all, a great experience! Thank you to Vinos in the Grove for hosting!

Right in the middle of the action at the wine and chocolate pairing

Right in the middle of the action at the wine and chocolate pairing